Differences between an online law school and a traditional law school 

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The difference between an online law school and a traditional law school is significant. Traditional law schools have been around for centuries and are the standard for legal education. They are typically associated with universities and offer a rigorous and comprehensive curriculum, with both classroom and hands-on instruction. Online law schools, on the other hand, are a relatively new concept and can vary widely in terms of quality. Abraham Lincoln University strives to provide quality education to its students by utilising innovative technology and offering flexible learning opportunities.

Traditional law schools

Traditional law schools are typically associated with a university and offer an accredited Juris Doctor (JD) or Doctor of Law degree. These programmes are rigorous and comprehensive, with a curriculum that focuses on legal theory, research, writing, and practice. This type of law school also requires students to pass the bar exam in order to practise law.

Traditional law schools also offer a variety of other coursework, such as ethics, business, and social justice. Students usually attend classes in person and receive feedback from professors and peers. In addition, traditional law schools often provide networking opportunities, clinical experience, and internships.

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Online law schools

Online law schools are a relatively new concept and offer a range of options. These schools typically offer an online JD program, as well as a variety of other coursework. Online law schools can be accredited or unaccredited and may offer a range of courses, such as legal research, writing, and practice.

Unlike traditional law schools, online law schools generally don’t require students to pass the bar exam. However, some states do require students to take the bar exam if they want to practise law, so it’s important to be aware of any state-specific requirements. In addition, many online law schools do not offer the same networking opportunities or clinical experience as traditional law schools.

Therefore, the faculty at Abraham Lincoln University is committed to helping students succeed.