An Overview of Veyor Digital’s Crane Scheduling Software

Digital's Crane Scheduling Software

Change is inevitable and technology is one of the changes that are inevitable. The construction industry is filled with complexities when scheduling cranes for work. With Veyor Crane Scheduling Software, there’s an easier way for contractors to create work schedules and streamline their workflow. Crane scheduling and planning is a task that can take months to complete. Traditionally, it’s been a time-consuming process with convoluted methods of scheduling.

What it entails

The Veyor Digital’s crane scheduling software provides users a digital platform to plan, track and share their work schedules in real-time. This application is compatible with all aerial devices: ladders, scissor lifts, boom lifts, rough-terrain cranes and more.

Veyor Digital's construction material delivery app

Veyron is easy to use! Users simply

  • Create work schedules and post those schedules online.
  • Create reports for the entire organization in a few simple steps.
  • Track progress with automated alerts, notifications, and other tools.
  • Save costs using energy management tools that help contractors maximize profits by making better choices when powering up and powering down equipment.
  • Communicate easily with teams and clients by sharing reports and work schedules in real time.
  • Eliminate errors with an audit trail that keeps track of all changes made to the system.

Features of Veyor Digital’s crane scheduling software

1. A modern and intuitive user interface:

Veyor Digital’s crane scheduling software has a user-friendly interface that allows users to stay on top of their work and get things done faster. When you sign up for Veyor, you can access your job sites and other related information from any computer, tablet or mobile device. Using this digital platform, you can view reports, schedules and other essential data from multiple angles.

2. Easy customization:

The Veyor digital crane scheduling software allows you to edit and customize your work schedule, job information and other details. There are no steep learning curves or waterfalls of paperwork to negotiating – just simple tools conveniently located on the user dashboard.

3. Work in real-time:

Veyor Crane Scheduling Software is a digital platform that offers real-time access to your information so that you can share data with staff and clients at the touch of a button. This is incredibly useful for avoiding double bookings, scheduling jobs concurrently and communicating with teams from across the globe.

5. Auditing tools:

With Veyor Digital’s crane scheduling software, there are no worries about unauthorized changes to your information. You can create a log of who has accessed and changed what data with audit tools that are built into the platform.


Veyor Crane Scheduling Software provides contractors with an easy-to-use digital platform for planning, tracking and sharing work schedules. It’s also secure and compliant – you can use your Veyor account from any computer or device to access Veyor Digital’s crane scheduling software.