Features to look for when buying toys for 1-year-olds

Your new toddler is ready to explore, play, and build their imagination. At one year old, your toddler is growing more curious each day. Promote their natural curiosity with toys for 1 year olds that make noise, move, and mimic the world around them. They may be as excited by the wrapping or packaging rather than what’s inside. Others have already developed their distinct personalities, preferences, and abilities. Investing in the right gifts and toys can set your child up for years of fun. Toys like pull-along toys and walkers will motivate your new baby to keep moving. At the same time, toy vehicles and playsets aid them to learn more about their environment.

Your toddler is becoming capable of creative thinking, thus pretending will become a vital part of playtime. You must be ready to clink tea cups with stuffed animals and get ready to zoom trains. Everything at this stage has the opportunity to delight your child’s senses, teach important behavioral lessons, and inspire their motivation.

Know what are the ideal toys for 1-year-olds 

            To aid encourage their mental, physical, and emotional growth, check for these features when looking for toys for your one-year-old:

Toys that encourage/ require coordination

  • Your toddler wants to get their mouths and hands on almost everything, thus this is the ideal time to begin stocking the playroom with toys that enhance fine and gross coordination and development. Stacking/ nesting toys, puzzles, and shape sorters are great for little hands to gain dexterity and have their developing minds learn problem-solving.

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Toys with bright colors

  • As the vision of your little ones develops, they can identify vibrant colors easily compared to pastel or dull shades though they may not name colors yet. They’re more likely to play and learn from a set of rainbow stacking cups or a bright red fire truck.

Toys that get them moving

  • Toys that toddlers can pull or push with a string motivate mobility, which is necessary for one-year-olds who are getting the hang of walking. Toys that move with them make practice more enjoyable.

Toys that introduce parallel play and sharing

  • Toddlers don’t play together yet instead they do parallel play, playing while being near another toddler. Parallel play is known as the earliest stage of social growth in children, thus having toys that toddlers can share like a multi-pack of toy cars or a huge playset will help them on the path so they can socialize with others.

Toys with various textures that invite tiny hands to grab and check are great choices, look for toys that allow them to roam. This age is an ideal time to invest in memorable items that will remain special as they grow old.