Why Should I Buy FunFair (FUN)?

Buy FunFair

FunFair is a decentralized, peer to peer online casino built on the Ethereum blockchain. It makes heavy use of Ethereum’s Smart Contracts functionalities to perform functions of the casino. FunFair uses a system native ERC20 token called FUN.

How FunFair Works

FunFaur employs the use of its native token, FUN, as the currency of the network and for every casino-related transaction. Casino users create an account on the casino and then load it with FUN tokens. These tokens can then be used to bet at the FunFair casino and other casinos participating in the FunFair network. Once the user wins FUN from gaming on the network, they can instantly convert it to their preferred currency of choice. You can buy fun token from different sources.
Why FunFair?

Fast gaming: because of their patented technology, FunFair permits a superfast gaming experience for their gamers.

superfast gaming experience

Cheap gaming: customary decentralized casinos could ask for as much as $1 for placing each bet because of the high deal fees. By FunFair, the deal charges are as lower as 5-10 cents per gamble placed.

Easy Casino making: For the developers, it is very easy to develop the games (casinos) using the FunFair platform plus it is even easier toward publish them. Casinos are constructed using the popular HTML5 language plus WebGL is used for graphics.

Completely Decentralized: FunFair’s casino network has no dedicated servers to run on as it is completely decentralized (peer-to-peer) and therefore, its casinos are safe, in addition to FUN transactions. Each deal is noted on the Ethereum blockchain plus therefore casinos cannot be attacked as there are no vital servers to hack.

Referral program: Each FunFair user who begins another user toward the FunFair network gets a referral bonus.

Affiliate program: FunFair moreover gives the liberty to the casino owner to pay out affiliates who convey users into their casino.