What are the Engagement Ring Varieties You Can Buy?

What are the Engagement Ring Varieties You Can Buy

A couple gets engaged to strengthen their love bonds. The engagement rings symbolize the wonderful mystic moments; thus, it needs to be special rings distinct from others. You can have choices of the best wedding rings melbourne as well along with superbly designed engagement rings.

There are ample kinds of wedding and engagement rings specially designed for ladies. They are exclusive, stunning designs that are sure to be loved and cherished by your beloved lady. All you need to do is visit a reputable jewelry shop famous for selling wedding rings.

Here are few kinds of engagement rings that are highly popular:

  • Solitaire rings: They are vintage-style rings however still they are the most favorite ones. It has a single diamond mounted on grooves that look splendid and suits to be worn with any apparel of yours. Mostly bigger size diamond is studded on simple gold or platinum band. Yes, it is a little expensive but fully worth every penny when you see the million dollars smile of your life partner on the engagement day.
  • Gemstones cluster rings: They never go out of fashion and are affordable. It held small diamonds on prongs that enhance the beauty of the ring. Some designers of jewels prefer to add rubies in between the diamonds to add to the beauty of the ring.

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  • Three stone-studded rings: These are counted in classic rings as three glamorous stones get embedded on a platinum or gold metal. Mostly, the three stones maybe diamonds, rubies, sapphire, jade, or any other stunning gems. The traditional ones have only three diamonds of similar size.
  • Multiple stone rings: They are stylishly designed and quite affordable. Usually, the pearl is set in the middle surrounded by all other gems. They suit any color of the dress you wear anytime.
  • Never-ending bands: They are the trendiest rings that have small diamonds set all over the band. These kinds of rings match well with your wedding trousseau.
  • Pearl rings: Different color pearls are appearing loveliest highlighted with tiny diamonds or rubies. Pearls are a symbol of purity hence they are the best gems to gift as an engagement ring.
  • Multi-layered ring: The front band is three-layered embedded with a single color of gems, diamonds, pearls, or consisting of multi-colored gems. They are quite well-sellable as it is trendy and can be worn in any occasions.

Prong setting rings are mostly preferred as it holds the stones securely and looks exclusive.  Choosing the right kind of rings may be confusing as all look the loveliest. Nonetheless, you can pick the one that your lady love would prefer to wear on her fingers always. You can opt to buy matching wedding rings melbourne to enhance the beauty of both rings.