Ted Farnsworth – The Man Behind A Business Mogul?

Like other entrepreneurs who made it big in the entertainment industry, Ted Farnsworth is a force to be reckoned with, a business mogul who has undoubtedly made a name for himself. This is why newcomers are looking up to him. Farnsworth turned a struggling business into a thriving and successful one through the decades. And despite his ups and downs in life, he made sure to make an epic comeback.

After his recent announcement of coming back in motion pictures, his supporters can’t wait to see what the future will be for Ted Farnsworth. Even though many people know who he is, some are still wondering what his life was before MoviePass and ZASH happened.

The Life of Ted Farnsworth

At 13, Farnsworth already knew what he wanted to be when he grows up. His family owned a restaurant located in Upstate New York, and it’s the same time when he realized that he could not see himself working for anyone else in the future. It means that he needs to be his boss. Some people are not meant to be an employee. And that’s how Ted Farnsworth sees himself back then. And sure enough, that’s precisely what he did decades later.

He tried buying and running different businesses, including parking lots, real estate and even entered the beverage industry. But nothing excited him more than MoviePass. Even though it eventually did not become as successful as he envisioned it to be, it was still a huge accomplishment for him. What he learned from his past failures indeed made him the man that he is right now.

Farnsworth and Zash Global Media

After the not-so-good ending for MoviePass, Ted Farnsworths’ supporters were waiting for his next move. His recent update was that he is coming back with a content distribution company, Zash Global Media and Entertainment Corp. On January 21st, Farnsworth announced that Zash Global Media signed a merger agreement with Vinco Ventures. This merger entails that both companies will work together to create an ‘exciting acceleration’ and growth for the live-streaming content industry and video sharing, distribution, and overall production.

Even in his early 20s, Ted Farnsworth already knew how to build a business. And for the last decades, he has proven that he can help any company achieve success. Farnsworth sure has the talent and skills. He knows how to do it right. He did it once with his other companies, including MoviePass, and there is no doubt that he can do it again with Zash.