sliding door screen

As a full-time parent,your main priority every day is to finish the household chores before your kids wake up in the summer morning because starting your day late would mean a disaster particularly if you have a toddler who constantly pleads you to open the door so he can play with your furry pets in the lawn. Having both hands swamped with unfinished chores paired with sultry weather, it will surely make your head burn with anger and that is the last thing you would want to happen in your day. To cut you some slack from opening the sliding door frequently upon the demand of your playful kids and pets, installing a sliding door screen is the best choice. In this way, the burden is lifted off and you can give your full attention to your daily work. This sliding door screen is not only limited to giving you that but it could also grant you the following perks.

sliding door screen

Benefits of Installing a Magnetic Screen Door

  • Improves indoor air quality

Installing a sliding door screen improves indoor air quality by promoting good air circulation as the summer breeze passes through the holes of the screens. Hence, the temperature inside the house is maintained at a tolerable level.

  • Prevent bugs from getting in.

As the fresh air goes in, it prevents the disease-carrying bugs and pollens from infiltrating your home as the multiple layered meshes act as as turdy buffer.

  • Provides a better view in and out of the house.

The holes in the mesh can get both sunlight and air to pass through. Thus, you will get a better view both outdoor and indoor.

  • Works as a better temporary substitute for sliding doors.

A screen door would be a perfect temporary replacement for your glass doors during summer as it serves the same purpose: to protect your home from bugs and allergens.

  • Provides easy access for your dogs and kids.

A screen door with embedded strong magnets on its seam is such a pet and kid-friendly feature.

  • Saves energy

Since it promotes good indoor air circulation, turning on an air conditioner is unnecessary, especially during summer.

  • Quick and easy installation

One of the most important features in choosing a sliding door screen is its quick and easy installation which makes it convenient for safekeeping and maintenance.

  • Made to last long

Sliding door screens are made to last long by using multi layers of mesh that are intricately stitched on the edges to avoid tearing. The embedded strong magnets grant a seamless retractability.

When you plan your next summer stay cation,made sure to use a retractable mesh for your doors so that your family may enjoy the summer breeze inside your home.