Buy Used Trucks in Avon with Pioneer Trucks

Buy A Used Truck In Avon

Since 1974, Pioneer Truck Sales has been a trusted local dealer, purchasing and selling high-quality used vehicles. They keep their inventory up to date, and they pay top dollar for high-quality cars and trucks. They’d love to buy your car or truck, so come in and see them today! With their help you can easily buy or sell used trucks in Avon.

They believe that buying a truck should be a painless and stress-free experience, and that’s exactly what they offer at Pioneer Trucks. You can rest assured knowing that they are here to take care of you, with only the best hand-selected pre-owned trucks and vehicles, pre-approvals via our 100 percent safe credit application, and finance experts ready to assist.

Why to choose them?

  • Years of experience in the automotive industry have enabled them to form relationships that they can use to your advantage.
  • Across from White Horse Auto, their dealership is right on the corner at the intersection of Routes 15 and 5&20.
  • They have a diverse selection of used vehicles in their constantly evolving inventory, including lifted trucks, diesel trucks, plough trucks, and sports cars.
  • Whatever you need in your next car, they have a solution for you. Enable their sales team to assist you in obtaining the best possible deal each and every time.

Why Buy A Used Truck In Avon


To buy or sell used trucks in avon, it is one of the best option provided to you. With their assistance you can have the best prices with a wonderful buying or selling experience. If you need a truck, regardless of the manufacturer, pioneer trucks are highly recommended for all of your truck needs. They have the best deals on the best cars, hands down.

You won’t even have the need to haggle with them on the price because they have the best deals on great vehicles. The purchasing method was simple and straightforward. The truck selection is unparalleled; they literally have every top-of-the-line truck at unbelievable prices and mileage.

The customer support is unrivalled in the industry. They have a wide range of cars. The team is eager to work with you and assist you with all aspects of your vehicle purchase. Excellent support and personnel.