The Best Single Malt Scotch

The Best Single Malt Scotch

There is a certain aura attached to the words “single malt scotch”, which is not only reflected in the high priced demand these whiskeys command in the Retail Market, but also the awe with which these whiskeys are held by  whiskey drinkers traditionally. This is a Distillery that produces the finest whiskeys in the world, the much-famed Bladnoch brand. The series of single malt scotch whiskey that is the pride and joy of all genuine whiskey drinkers the world over are unbeatable in flavor, taste and sheer mood creation.

The Background

The Bladnoch Distilleries is one of the oldest Distillers of Scotch Whiskey in the world. This Whiskey is available on retail in over 40 countries in the world, and the list is expanding. Established in 1817, the Distillery has continuously served fine-tongued drinkers all over the world.

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The Whiskeys

The glorious single malt scotches of Bladnoch feature a series of the finest tastes, such as below:

  • 10 Year Old: Gently matured in Bourbon casks which are specially selected, the 10 Years in the cask impart a sweet, spicy flavor that is cherished by scotch lovers.
  • 11 Year Old: This whiskey develops keynotes of baked apples during its 11 Year stay in the cask, with cherries and vanilla.
  • Samsara: First the Bourbon casks and then the California red wine casks, create a mysterious fragrance which seems an ageless blend of malts.
  • Adela 15 Year Old: “Talia” means “Dewdrops From Heaven”, and this long-maturity single malt certainly is that. This very special whiskey has been matured in Oloroso Sherry casks.
  • 17 Year Old: The vibrant flavor in the taste of this single malt is the result of first filling into ex-Bourbon casks, and then into red wine casks, and the gradual maturation.
  • Talia 25 Year Old: “Talia” means “Dewdrops from Heaven” and this single malt certainly is that in every way. This is a long maturation whiskey, and the taste is mild, silky and spicy. This is a result of the finishing in new oak casks and bottled at natural cask strength after 25 long years.
  • Talia 26 Year Old: This is matured in Californian red wine casks for 26 years, and is this Distillery’s 2019 release.
  • Talia 27 Year Old: Carefully chosen ex Bourbon casks are used for this top of the class single malt, and is the Star of the collection.

The Bladnoch Distillery has been crafting the most wonderful single malt scotch whisky since 1817 for the most discerning of palettes. The range is as extraordinary as the taste, flavor and long-lasting mood upliftment. The sheer joy of savoring these whiskeys excites the interest of the best single malt lovers of the world.