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The percolator is typically shaped like a dome, but in recent years, it has been discovered in various wild forms. The bong tube is often the location of this accessory, which functions essentially as an extra water chamber for your bong. It is another filtration step for your smoke and also consists of water in its composition. Know more about Dual percolator bongs.

As soon as the smoke is extracted from the bong, it begins interacting with the water in the bowl. The water and the smoke come into contact with one another for the second time in the percolator as the smoke makes its way up the tube.

This technique is more effective in lowering the temperature of the smoke and filtering it in two different ways. To begin, the smoke now gets a second chance to come into touch with water, which will always cause it to lose some of its heat. In addition, it enables a larger surface area of smoke to reach the water, which in turn causes the water to get colder.

Because of the pressure within the percolator, it also functions by reducing the size of the bubbles that are produced throughout the process. This will also result in a more refreshing and refined hit from your bong.

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Does Using a Percolator Change the High You Get?

There is no doubt that using a percolator effectively reduces the temperature of your smoke. The device’s primary function is to make it less complicated for the user to take in the smoke. If you have difficulty striking a bong, switch to a bong with a percolator and see how it works.

The issue that is more important to ask is whether or not it affects your high. It is a common misconception that using a percolator would increase THC absorption. However, this is not the case. It won’t get you any higher than a standard bong, even if it has a percolator.

Bongs with percolators cause a slightly more significant loss of THC than those without percolators. Although adding water does not affect the results (THC is not soluble in water), a little more significant amount of THC is lost through the additional chamber’s glass. However, there is no need to be afraid. Because the difference is so minor, it won’t impact how high you go. Most individuals think that the softer impact is well worth the cost.