Choosing A Private Tutor: Top Five Quick Tips

Choosing A Private Tutor Top Five Quick Tips

Not every parent has spare time to tutor their child at home. Sometimes parents are not capable enough to meet the educational demands of their child. It is common for parents to hire private tutors in Sydney. Some regret later on because they chose a tutor who is not right for their child. To avoid this trouble, here are some quick tips when choosing a private tutor.

Pitch and persuade

It is crucial to discuss with your child before you look for a private tutor. Let your child know the benefits of getting a tutor and do not mention any negative thoughts. Expect apprehension because most children do not welcome private tutors. Some feel they are being attacked when their parents hire tutors. The children get the feeling that parents consider them inept and inadequate. In this case, offer encouragement and assure the child that he or she is already doing great. Inform him or her that extra help will not hurt.

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Tutoring depends on the needs of your child. The setting, convenience, and cost are factors as well. Some parents choose to bring their child to a tutoring center instead of hiring a private tutor. Determine which is the best for your child before you decide. Find out how many numbers of students are in a class if you prefer a group setting. It is also essential to choose a convenient location. More frequent tutoring will yield greater results so consistency is also vital. Private tutors can be expensive but the one-on-one focus gives a better experience.


Ask the teacher of your child or others within the school community. There are school districts with a list of tutors and they are more than willing to help parents choose the best. You can also check advertisements in your local parenting magazine or the newspaper. Asking other parents will also be great.


The tutor should have experience in teaching the subject which your child needs help with. Finding one who completed a tutor training program will be ideal. This means the tutor understands the educational theory, instructional strategies, and remedial approaches. You can also go for graduate students with strong content knowledge. The teaching style is also one thing you should consider. Each tutor has a different style and personality. Choose one that fits the personality of your child to avoid any clash between them.

Progress reports

Private tutors often offer progress reports. They check off goals and redefine them if necessary. You can ask for a sample progress report before you hire a tutor. Check if the report is clear and helpful. Confirm how often the tutor will provide you with reports. It is best if you can see the progress of your child so you can help him or her along the way.